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    Default How Coffee Time Romance started

    Long ago in a land far away people didn't have Coffee or Books. It was a sad sad time for all of these poor deprived individuals who did not know what they were missing. *sniffles*

    Then, one day the beautiful, sweet, darling (but also wickedly evil)
    Java Empress, whose Earth name was Karen, came along and said
    "Lets talk about hot hunky heroes who give lusty heroines wickedly hawt French....Roasted coffee."

    (Ha! Yall thought it was gonna be something else, didn't you? You naughty ninnies! Ok, back to the story)

    And she saw that it was good. Nay, it was damn good. However, there was so much ER.. Percolating going on that soon, clouds of hot steam pervaded all she surveyed and she couldn't make heads or tails of anything. "What good was it to have hunka hunka burning studs if you can't enjoy them?" And she wondered if all would soon be lost.

    However, there was another on the horizon, one who'd share the burden. One who knew very well that both coffee and men should be just the same. Hot, Strong, and above all... Rich. (hell yeah!)

    This was KarenneLyn. What many did not know was that if you have to spell your name with two N's you too are evil as crap, you're just better at hiding it that the Java Empress. However, Karenne was unaware that she was royalty but was still somehow drawn to Coffee Time Romance.

    But Java Empress had put a special code on her site to compel those of the same species--*ahem* book luvin' ho's--to want to come live in her universe and much like the Roach Motel--once you check in, you don't check out. Hence..

    The Coffee Queen was born.

    Together they built a vast empire dedicated to books, reviews , and the pursuit of moi for posting the crap you just read.

    Signing off from a secret location on the 3rd Coffee Pot from The Sun

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