Here is an excerpt from Once in a Blue Moon, an erotic paranormal novella by Tracey H. Kitts, available now from Noble Romance Publishing.

She was sitting at the kitchen table, working on her second cup of coffee when the doorbell rang. No one visited her this early except Beth. Curious, she made her way through the mudroom to the back door.

“Logan,” she said, opening the door. “This is a surprise.”

She fought to maintain eye contact and not stare at his muscular thighs covered by tight-fitting, faded jeans. He wore a black t-shirt that fit him like a second skin, revealing every muscle of his gorgeous body. His shoulder-length hair had been tossed about by the wind and it gave him a wild, just-rolled out-of-bed sort of appeal.

She, on the other hand, probably looked like an eighties reject. Opting for comfort over fashion, she’d donned a pair of dark gray tights and an over-sized purple sweater that morning. Now she wished she’d chosen something a little sexier. But Logan didn’t seem to notice. As a matter of fact, he looked like he was enjoying what he saw. The wind whipped past him and blew a few strands of hair across her face.

He moved before she could and brushed the hair back, tucking it behind one ear.

“Sorry to drop by unannounced,” he said, his rough voice making the hairs rise on her arms. “I was hoping to get some sugar.” He smiled broadly and held up his coffee cup. The words “I do fieldwork” were printed in red letters across the front.

Tara laughed softly. “Sure, come in.”

Logan stepped inside and she closed the door behind him. “Fieldwork?”

“Oh,” he said, looking at the cup. “I don’t think I’ve told you what I do for a living. I’m a sociology professor.”

“A professor?” she asked, smiling.

“A doctor, as a matter of fact.” Logan raised one eyebrow and her smile widened. “Dr. Logan Xavier, at your service.”

“Ooo, that sounds important,” she teased.

“I like to think so.”

“The kitchen is through here, follow me.”

Tara led him into the kitchen but stopped short just inside the doorway. She’d totally forgotten her work, and the highly erotic photos were where she’d left them, spread all over her kitchen table. She dared a glance at Logan to find him staring, wide-eyed at the pictures.

Shit. Might as well try to explain. Not many people understood what she did for a living. Come to think of it, not many people knew. He would either understand or think she was a raging pervert. Either way, she had to say something.

“This is what I do for a living,” she said. Logan’s gaze leaped from the pictures to meet hers and she elaborated. “I’m not a porn star or anything.” She laughed nervously at her lame explanation. “Look, this is all coming out wrong. I work for adult magazines. Several of them. I write the copy that appears beside photos like these.” She gestured toward the table.

Logan nodded and started looking through the pictures. He moved them around. “Hmm. I may be familiar with some of your work.”

“I normally don’t have them lying around like this. It’s just that I was working and—”

“And you weren’t expecting anyone, I understand. Don’t worry, I’m not a prude and I’m not easily offended.”

She breathed a sigh of relief. “Good. I was afraid you were going to think I was a raging pervert and run screaming.”

“Now why would I run from a perfectly good pervert?”

They both laughed and Tara turned around to get the sugar out of the cabinet while Logan moved to lean against the counter. He crossed his arms over his chest. His biceps flexed and the muscles of his well-toned forearms became even more noticeable. Tara swallowed hard and focused her attention on the sugar bowl on the bottom shelf of the cabinet.

“So, what do you teach, besides basic sociology?”

“Human sexuality.”

She paused and turned back to him. “And you do fieldwork, huh?”

“A friend of mine got me the cup as a gag.”

He shrugged, but Tara wasn’t fooled by his attempt to act casual.

“Do you really need any sugar?” she asked softly.

“Not the kind that’s in that jar.”

Before she could react he’d moved around the counter. His arms wrapped around her waist and Tara melted against him. Despite her initial shock, she couldn’t hide her reaction. His lips were soft, yet insistent as they pressed against hers. She leaned into him and could feel his erection against the soft flesh of her belly. Tara opened her mouth and Logan growled as he deepened the kiss. The sound vibrated along her skin and Tara was instantly wet with anticipation.

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