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    Default New Release

    Cheyenne and Her Prince Charming at has been released and reviewed by Coffee Time Romance,

    Ms. Linda L. Lattimer has written a delightful romance with interesting characters.* Cheyenne is the dedicated lawyer who falls literally into the arms of the love of her life.* Trey, with his respectful ways, falls for a city girl with small town charm.* Their tender interactions, always respectful of his marital status, endear this reader to both of them.* I enjoyed this story immensely.

    Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
    Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

    Thanks Kathy, you made my day!
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    Default Another review from Coffee Time Romance

    Coffee Time Romance also reviewed HATE AN ANTHOLOGY OF MURDER AND MYSTERY, that I share with some other great Whiskey Creek Press authors, that will be released in August.
    Author's: Katherine Smith, Giovanna Lagana, Lauren N. Sharman, Crystal Inman, Rosalie More, Pepper Smith, Linda L. Lattimer, Vickie Britton & Loretta Jackson, Laura Marie Henion, and Valerie Goldsilk

    The authors of this wonderful Anthology have the reader turning the pages. Filled with intrigue, murder, and mystery, these stories reflect the title accurately. I recommend this wonderful collection highly. Just make sure you have plenty of time to read it, because you will not be able to put it down.
    Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance
    Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books

    A huge thanks to Mary for her wonderful review!
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    Default An Excerpt From Cheyenne and Her Prince Charming

    I have decided to give an excerpt to my latest release, and be sure to check out my website for some great updates.

    An Excerpt From Cheyenne and Her Prince Charming
    He pulled her around and gently snaked his arms until they were buckled behind her back. She leveled her face looking up to him penetrating her eyes directly into his. She fisted her hands then placed them on his broad shoulders. Slowly her fingers spread open like a butterfly gently opening its wings.
    Trey sweetly moaned as each finger spread to caress his shoulders. The tiny action was so stimulating, so sensual. It only made him love her more.
    “Cheyenne...” the raspy word was filled with tender emotion.
    She could tell it was loaded with love as their eyes continued to lock into each other while her fingers gingerly massaged his muscular shoulders. She wanted to taste his lips, feel the intensity of his touch. His hands smoothed the length of her back then ran up to her neck and hair. Cheyenne was lost in his eyes. Their lips never met. Instead she lowered her head to his chest listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat. Could he hear hers?
    At that moment Trey did exactly what he had wanted to do for a long time. He pulled his arms tighter around her as her head lay softly on his chest. Both hands stroked her hair then one hand cupped a hold of its softness and breezed it against his cheek. A rich fragrance of lavender scent drifted into his nostrils. He pulled her away to look once again into her beautiful face. Then he kissed her on the forehead and lifted her into his arms.
    “Trey what are you doing?” she softly spoke.
    “You’re tired. We can listen to our music another night. The crickets and tree frogs will always be here serenading us. For now the beating of our hearts is enough music to last me a lifetime.”
    She didn’t argue. Her hands draped around his neck while her head rested on his shoulder. She was asleep when Trey got to the top of the stairs. He laid her on the bed then removed her boots but left her socks on. Lifting her head he adjusted the pillow then tenderly wrapped the quilt over her body.
    “Good night, my sweet friend. You get a good night's sleep.” He kissed her on the forehead then turned off the lamp.
    “Trey,” she muffled when he started toward the door. “Trey, I don’t want you to leave me. Don’t go to Virginia. I love you Trey, I love you.”
    He edged over to the bed but she was sound asleep. Love, he was sure that he had heard her mention love twice. Cheyenne loved him. She didn’t have to say the words. He had seen it earlier in her eyes, felt it in his arms, and tasted it in her kisses. Everything about Cheyenne Maddison was a new experience that opened new doors for him. Music, he smiled thinking of that. Never had he thought the crickets and tree frogs to be a wonderful sounding chorus. With a quick glance her way once more, he slipped into his room.
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    Default Another contract and news

    I just wanted to share the news that I got another contract Monday for my contemporary romance, A Family for the Holidays! I am so excited because this story is so close to my heart in many ways. I also heard that two of my books will be released earlier, too. One of which is also so special to me.

    Thanks for listening

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    Default Re: New Release

    I wanted to share that next week with By Grace Publishing, Brides and Bouquets is having a chat all week as the editors pick, and everyone is invited. I share the spotlight with my other two authors of the book, Laura Hamby and Rebecca Goings. So stop over and enjoy the chat, ask questions and see what I am up too.

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    Default Re: New Release

    I wanted to drop in and tell everyone that my next mystery, Trio of Discontent will be out in August with Wings Press. I am so excited and wanted to share with everyone.



    Vincent stared out at the dark. His eyes were misty as if tears were blinding his sight. “I feel so ashamed. I need help Colby. I think I may have over stepped something this time. It could backfire on me. I’ve been alone for all this time that I feel like an egg about to be dropped – splattered on the floor.”

    Colby saw fright depicted in Vincent’s liquid eyes. Could he actually trust him this time? Vincent had been drugging him and trying to harm him at every turn, not to mention what Monique had gone through.


    Vincent Lemond is on a mission, a mission of revenge for the woman that got away. Got away because his once best friend broke up his relationship. It has been a year since he has seen or even spoken to Monique and Colby, a very long year. Now he wants to reunite with them. He has unfinished business to take care of. If it hadn’t been for Colby, he and Monique would be married by now. But Colby had to stick his nose into their affairs. Vincent decides to send a care package to their house to invite them to Nevada for some rest and relaxation. Of course it will be filled with a few twists and turns.

    When a brown package arrives on their doorstep, Monique and Colby don’t know how to act when they view the return address. Vincent Lemond was a friend but a year ago he went his separate way. Now he wants to make amends. He wants them to fly out to Boulder City for a fun trip.

    Monique is against seeing him again. She didn’t even want to open the package but Colby had been so adamant. Vincent broke her heart into so many pieces the last time she was with him; she thought that she would be hospitalized. Committed to padded walls. Colby believes that he has changed for the better. The man wants to finally make amends for the heartache he caused them both. He refuses to listen to Monique and urges her to take the tickets. They both could use a much needed vacation. The gift was free. But at what price she wonders?

    Monique is so against seeing Vincent. What if seeing him again stirs up feelings with the heart? She really loved the man at one time. She is hesitate at first, determined to put her foot down until Colby tricks her into talking to Vincent on the phone. All the sparks and sensations come back into play and she finds herself agreeing to go on the trip.

    Even though she has agreed, she doesn’t understand why Vincent can’t travel to Florida for a vacation. Come and stay with them. Vincent confides he already has made all the plans for them in Nevada. The trip will be one they will never forget. When Monique exams the itinerary that he has placed in the package, she is skeptical to the areas that he has circled. Most of the places are nothing but desert land. And what about this rafting trip? He knows she can’t swim and is afraid of water. Still Colby continues to tell her that things will be great. Three old friends finally getting back together after a year’s separation.

    Monique can’t believe that things will be as great as Colby elates. And when they arrive in Boulder City to greet Vincent, she sees that he has changed. Perhaps she misjudged him after all. He doesn’t fail to get inches from her reminding her of the love they had shared. Sparks begin to rise and soon she is afraid that she will not be able to stop her emotions, just like the first time.

    When things start happening on the tour she soon wonders are they by chance or planned. They are in part of Indian Territory. What does that have to do with anything Colby comments? For one there are spirits from ancestors that don’t wish anyone trespassing on their ground. Colby only shakes it off. Monique reads too many books. Nothing is going to happen to them. It has only been coincidental with the few things that have transpired since they arrived. Once again she is reading too much into things. But when a third party meets up with them on the raft, things shift, not only for Monique and Colby but Vincent as well.

    Vincent soon finds it hard too continue to scheme in his plan to hurt the two. They are his friends. He wants out. He makes a phone call to the people that have been assisting him. He wants out. He will still make sure they get their money but the deal is off. It is too late. He can’t change his mind in mid stream like that. He is in too deep.

    Feeling defeat, Vincent has to confide in someone. He will not permit the loss of his two friends again. They are too important to him. Who can he confess to? Approaching Colby he tells him the whole truth and the reason why. Colby agrees to help him. He will tell Monique but they are too late. She has already been kidnapped. The men were to back off. No harm was to come to her.

    Vincent finds himself torn, afraid. What will he do if he loses her for good now? Why didn’t the men listen to him? He can’t lose Monique, not now, not ever. With all the games that he played on the trip, he assures Colby his intentions are serious now. When Colby sees the sincerity in Vincent’s eyes, he knows that Vincent is indeed sorry for all the tactics he put them through. But is it too late to save the one person Vincent is still in love with?

    “You don’t have to whisper. They can’t hear you. I had to come see you again. You have to turn back. Do not go on with this man. Tomorrow he’s taking you to the Black Rock Desert. You’re in grave D-A-N-G-E-R.”
    He touched the foot of her sleeping bag, as Vincent stood over her holding the glistening knife. It was huge and shiny. He had a large grin plastered on his face, as he reached to grab hold of her hand. Monique screamed loud enough to echo through the valley. It sent alarming chills through Colby’s body. He jumped up. Vincent bolted upright, then leapt to his feet.
    Colby was breathing heavy. “What? What is it? Monique? Have you been hurt? Bit? Answer me.”
    “Monique, are you hurt? What?” Vincent shouted. “Answer one of us.”
    Monique got free of her sleeping bag. She stood and looked around at the fire. Her eyes were glassy. She had different colors of paint decked on her face.
    Colby climbed out of his sleeping bag. “What? Did you get burned? Is that what happened? Tell us.” His words were fast and choppy.
    Monique was trembling and shaking like they had never seen. She shook her arms like something was attached to them and wouldn’t come off. “Do you see any prints? Footprints anywhere? Where’s the knife, Vincent?”
    Vincent looked at her in surprise. “What are you talking about? You almost gave me a heart attack. Not to mention what you are doing to Colby. I think you were dreaming. There’s no one here but us.”
    “No, Vincent, she saw something. Look at her. And what’s that stuff on her face? She’s trembling. It’s the worst kind, too. Is she going into convulsions?”
    Vincent took hold of her arms and shook her. He slapped her face. Nothing. He slapped her again, but harder.
    Colby jumped to her aid. “My goodness, Vincent. Did you have to strike her so fierce?”

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    Default Re: New Release

    I wanted to share news that my daughter, Suzanne, and I have our mystery with Wings in January that will be released, but we just got a contract with By Grace Publishing for a short story in the anthology, Return of the Unwelcomed that centers around Halloween and a bit of ghostly surroundings.

    We have been busy doing edits. I haven't seen the cover yet nor for my book, The Last Journey, also with By Grace that is due in September, but I am sure the cover will be great.

    Be sure to check out my website for any new releases and those books already circulating. I love having people stop by to say hello.
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    Default Re: New Release

    Hello everyone, wanted you to know if you go over to Wings ePress,, you will see that my latest release is now there, Trio of Discontent

    so stop on over and take a look

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    Default Re: New Release

    Hello everyone, well, August is over half way past us and now The HATE Anthology with Whiskey Creek Press is out, so why not go over take a look and get your copy, it has some great stories inside filled with suspense

    have a great day, Linda ;D
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    Wink New Release for September

    Hello everyone, tomorrow is the first of September, hard to believe how August has just passed us by. School is back for the children, and I have another new release slated for tomorrow with Wings ePress, and I already have a review that I wish to share with my readers, so here goes.
    A Man for Mom, with tomorrow,
    and don't forget to check out my website at Coffee Time and check out their new board which is awesome.

    by Linda Lattimer

    In Linda Lattimer’s latest novel, she takes middle age to a whole new level of sexy. Single since her abusive husband, John, died, Lizbeth is determined to hate men forever. That is, of course, until she meets handsome contractor, Mark Stuart. When Mark finally convinces this woman of his dreams to marry him, they embark on a whole new life of love and sexual awakening that is both done tastefully and tenderly.

    Although this story seems destined for a fairy tale ending, along the way Mark will betray Lizbeth’s trust by reading her journal and finding out the abuse she endured from her first husband. All the while, Lizbeth is putting up with the ghost of John and is sure that Mark will have her committed for talking to the dead.

    Linda Lattimer’s books just keep getting better and better. I loved how she took this contemporary romance and gave it main characters that were a bit out of the norm. Factor in grown children and a past that just won’t die and you have an awesome read.

    Reviewed by: C.C.
    Lighthouse Literary Reviews
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