Hello again, thought I would give an excerpt from my new release

A Man For Mom, a Paranormal Encore L’Amour Romance from Wings ePress
When a widow remarries after ten years, she finds it hard to get rid of the ghost of her late husband and the painful memories.

An excerpt from A Man for Mom

That was a close one, wasn’t it, Lizbeth? he asked matter-of-factly.
“John, what are you doing here? I thought you had finally left us alone. Why come now? Can’t you see I wish to be alone?”
That’s why I’m here. You shouldn’t be alone right now. Something tells me your heart is breaking and I’m not sure why. You appear to be very happy since you married Mark Stuart.
Tears welled in her eyes as she stared at him. “Please.”
You really love that old boy don’t you?
“John, I love Mark Stuart more than I thought that I could ever love a man. How many more times must I tell you?”
Then you shouldn’t be sitting here shedding tears. He survived the accident, and I am glad he is here with you now.
Lizbeth folded her hands in her lap. “I am truly glad for that.”
You know, I loved you in my own way, Lizbeth. I know I always behaved as if I was normal, afraid to admit I was different, he said kneeling by her.
“Oh, yes, you were different.”
Honestly, are you happy?
“John, how many times do I have to tell you that, yes, I am truly happy. I have never felt this way about a man before, and when I thought he might be dead...” Tears spilled onto her cheeks.
John patted her head. I’m really glad you’re finally happy. You have done well for yourself and the girls. All I ever wanted was for you to be happy. Honest.
She grasped hold of John’s hand but it was Mark who was standing over her.

A Man For Mom, Linda L Lattimer – wings ePress