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I am owned by two female cats, one elderly and blue-gray short-haired, the other young and a black tabby. Well, I should admit, the old one owns hubby, she tolerates me. LOL

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I loved you being owned by your cats and I know exactly what you mean . Now I personally don't have a cat at the moment but I have had cats all my life. Most recently I tammed a stray who I named Boots from the white only on his paws that looked like little boots. Boots however found a femal friend who I could never get to come inside but did let me pet her so I named her Blackie short for Black Beauty. After those two hooked up we became a cat farm but when we moved I had to leave them behind but we made sure they were fed of course. Now I have a dog for the first time in my life who doesn't seem to know he isn't suppose to like cats so I am planning on getting a black cat to name Paranoia and have a Milo and Odis kind of relationship.