Hi Megan,
I was given a Royer-Savoy 35mm camera for my twenty-first birthday and used it for the next thirty years as I traveled, married, and our three children were born. A lot of my shots were taken at sea, sunsets, albatrosses and other sea birds, some of a much younger me in some of the lesser known ports of the world, the remainder our children growing up, their sporting triumphs (or otherwise). Our son's wedding tempted me to replace it with a Minolta 35mm reflex and that became our companion for the next fifteen years, particularly when we went to Aspen to join our younger daughter (she was a ski instructor there) and on our trip through Santa Fe, the Grand Canyon, San Diego and up the West Coast to Vancouver, then across the Rockies to Edmonton on the Rocky Mountaineer train before returning to Australia. In the process, I've accumulated uncounted slides and photos which sit unloved in boxes, waiting to be sorted.
In 2006, a trip to Europe triggered the purchase of a digital camera and over 1300 shots (after sorting out the failures) which we've organized and sorted in the computer, using software to remove some of our failings.
One day, I'll sort the photos and slides and scan those of significance, but I'm not holding my breath.