While I was posting snippets I thought you might want to se a little of what's in store for you if you buy Book One of the In Lies Series - Sealed In Lies. sensored for PG viewing LOL

She looked out the window and saw him open the glass door and begin heading back across the parking lot. She scrambled with her feet to pick up the items that had fallen out of the glove box. She managed to grab the wallet and made a futile effort to toss it back where it came from. It fell to the floor.

“Sh**,” she exclaimed. She made another attempt at grabbing an item with her feet, all the while watching his approach to the vehicle. Sweat began to bead on her forehead and she was breathing rapidly. If he caught her snooping, oh God, what would he do?

He was less than a few feet away now. There was no way she would get the items back into the glove box before he got into the car. Thinking fast, she shoved the wallet and the other items under the seat with her foot. Then she took the sock covered foot and pushed the glove box closed. It fell open again.
“Sh**, sh**, sh**,” Caroline muttered, looking out the window again. He was almost at the door. With one hard push her foot slammed the glove box closed again just as he opened the driver’s side door. She held her foot on the glove box in case it decided not to stay shut.

Jack slipped into the car and shut the door. His bald head was slick with melting sleet and a few of the icy drops clung to his dark eyebrows and eyelashes. He looked at her and held up a key card.
“We’re in luck. One room left.”

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