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    Default Hello, finally found you guys

    Okay, now that I'm here, what do I do? I am Rita Hestand, author of Jodi's Journey. Here's the blurb:

    The war was over. The town of Esser Crossing
    ebbed closer to a slow death while Jodi Parker
    and Hunter Johnson fought desperately with
    one last chance to save it, and themselves.
    Two unlikely people came together against
    their own will and struggled to carve a new
    empire. Swollen rivers and Jayhawkers were
    the least of their troubles on a cattle drive
    to Kansas, when both carried secrets that
    could easily destroy them. He had to prove
    himself, she had to live with her own decisions.
    A cruel destiny threw them together. Only
    a true and lasting love could save them…
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    Welcome to CTR Rita.

    Love the cover for your book. Very nice!

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    thank you, that's Jimmy Thomas, and he's on his way to fame and fortune. I love it too.
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    Is that a film strip you have there? It is nice.

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