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    Default Hi, I'm Rita Hestand and just got here

    Never do forums so this is new to me.

    I am an author with Whimsical Publications.
    My book Jodi's Journey came out in March and
    it is a historical western romance.
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    This beautiful cover was designed for Jodi's Journey at Whimsical Publications. Meet Jodi Parket and Hunter Johnson you won't forget them
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    Welcome to CTR Rita.

    It's great that you've joined us here at the forum.

    Have fun posting.

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    Thanks hon, I don't know my way around here well,but am trying.
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    Hi Rita! Good to see you, and LOVE that cover!!!

    "When the Bough Breaks", "See No Evil, My Pretty Lady", "Catch Me If You Can", "It's Extraordinary, My Dear Winifred", "Said the Spider to the Fly", available at both Smashwords and Amazon

    Visit me online at:

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    welcome to CTR
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    Default Howdy everyone,

    Miss Mae that banner of yours is intriguing. For a long time I thought it was you.

    Yes, Jimmy Thomas sure was an added attraction to Jodi's Journey. He fits Hunter Johnsons's profile just right too.

    For all those wondering, Jodi's Journey is a sweet romantic western, set in post civil war days. If you want to know how the civil war influenced people, read Jodi's Journey. If you want to feel what a cattle drive was all about, read Jodi's Journey, because it was born of actual drovers.
    Swollen rivers, Indians, angry ranchers, a lynch mob, and a 12 year old joining a drive, all in Jodi's Journey. And Jodi herself takes the journey of a liftetime, with problems and issues she feels are insurmountable. Jodi's as flesh and blood as you or I. Meet Hunter Johnson, a man branded by his own fate, who must prove himself daily to his men and Jodi. A man with a strange quality, and enough guts to back up everything he says.

    You won't forget Jodi's Journey.

    Get it while it's 35% off. Buy the print edition and have the beautiful cover for your own. Buy the ebook edition and read it over and over.

    Check out Lethal Dreams, When the Bough Breaks, Inocence Taken. and...Jodi's Journey, you'll find something to please your reading appetitie at Whimsical Publication.

    Blessings all
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    Just saying hello.
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    Quote Originally Posted by katsrus View Post
    Just saying hello.
    Greetings, and glad you're here.

    Whimsical Publication, LLC
    "Creating worlds one chapter at a time."
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    Default What's everyone up to or are you here?

    Hello, I've been here off and on all day. What's up?
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