Hello everyone, here is the start of the story for June. It ended up a little longer than one paragraph. I'm looking forward to see how much trouble we can make for Quinn and Ginger.

Quinn hadn’t thought it was possible to have too much sex—until he became a Fairy Godfather.

After five months waiting for an assignment in the Fairy Godfather anteroom he was itching to get away from the heaps of food and nubile nymphs and do something exciting—preferably something that involved a sword and a huge scaly creature in need of slaying.

Yet his mother the fairy queen had decided that to earn his right to inherit half the fairy kingdom he must ‘help’ someone. While Quinn’s brother Reagan, who would love to lounge on cushions surrounded by nymphs, had been dispatched to kill a dragon. Quinn had been tempted to tell her she’d assigned the wrong brother to each task, but as his inheritance was on the line, he’d swallowed the words.

A wood nymph clothed in a transparent green dress edged closer to him, fluttering her diaphanous silver wings and her eyelashes. He looked down and pretended not to notice, praying to every god and goddess to get him out of there before he went barmy.

A little eddy of wind blew up in the corner of the room and the queen’s steward appeared out of thin air with a scroll in his hands. Not expecting to be called, Quinn stared up at the satyrs and nymphs painted on the ceiling and shoved a handful of grapes in his mouth. After five months of waiting, he’d started to think his mother had forgotten he was there.

“Quinn,” the steward’s voice rang out. “Report to Queen Silvani in the throne room immediately.”

Quinn sat up and wiped grape juice off his chin with the back of his hand. “Me?” he spluttered. His mother’s steward rolled his eyes before disappearing in a swirl of sparkling fairy dust. Quinn scrambled to his feet. One leg had gone to sleep as he’d been lying awkwardly for a few days. He limped between the heaps of cushions and bowls of fruit. The other disappointed Fairy Godfather candidates booed and tossed pieces of fruit at him as he made his way to the door.

He followed the short corridor from the anteroom to the throne room. The last time he’d spoken with his mother, the throne room had been mountain-themed with an ice throne, distant snowy peaks, and cavorting frost fairies. Now Queen Silvani relaxed in a woodland bower among wildflowers, with a babbling brook running through the room.

She sat up and frowned at him when he entered and went down on one knee. “You’ve been lazing around for long enough, Quinn. It’s time you did some work,” she said as if it had been his choice to vegetate for five months. “I have a candidate who needs a Fairy Godfather. She’s human.”

“Human.” Quinn groaned inwardly. Humans were boring and he wouldn’t be able to use magic openly in the human realm.

“Her name’s Ginger Martin,” the queen said.

Quinn forced a smile. “So what’s the matter with her?”

The queen shook her head at him. “That’s the point of this exercise, Quinn dear. You have to work that out for yourself and help her.”

Great. Why couldn’t he just go and kill something?