Walking around a cemetery gives me--not the heebie jeebies--but ideas. Today I strolled through one of the oldest cemeteries in my area of Bucks County, Pennsylvania. There were 22 soldiers of the Revolutionary War buried there- their graves decorated for Memorial Day. I read the names and dates. Some of them died in battle, but a few lived into the 1800s.

There they were, under my feet, and they had walked the same paths I walk...but more than 200 years ago. Imagining what their lives must have been like is fascinating. I can see why tales of vampires and supernaturally extended lives are so appealing. We want to know what they knew and somehow touch them. Besides reading history, the only way to do it is through stories.

I guess that's partly why I like to write about genies. Their longevity far surpasses that of a human -- so it's a chance for me to describe the history and passing time they might be seeing.

Do you ever stroll through a cemetery just for fun?