Hi Everyone,
I thought I'd share an excerpt of my Paranormal short story Blackheart Point. It involves a very sexy Pirate Ghost whose been waiting for his long lost love at Blackheart Point Lighthouse Museum. Has he found her in the Michele Watling the new museum curator? Will an evil human presence threaten a most unusual love that they share?

Here's the excerpt:
this is crazy. I should be running out of here screaming
my bloody head off and yet I’m not afraid of you. You’re
a freaking ghost for God’s sake. I shouldn’t be able to
...feel you or see you. How is this possible?”
“Many things are possible when you open your
mind to them, Michele. I don’t know how you have
returned to me but I am grateful. I must go now, but I
will appear again when I can. It takes an extreme
amount of energy to maintain this form. I will see you
again, tonight. Until then, my love.” He vanished.

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