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    Hi everyone,
    I originally gave my interest as dogs when more rightly it should have been animals as, over the years, we have owned everything from hamsters to horses, but I must admit that dogs are my ruling passion – especially Labradors and Golden Retrievers. However, now that our daughter has married, we have downsized to dogs alone. Last year we had but one dog.

    No more dogs! Definitely no more dogs! These were my husband’s words and I have to admit, to a certain extent, I agreed with him. Ten-year-old Lucy was to be our last dog. I was then sixty-three and my husband a very active sixty-four and we thought our dog walking days were behind us. We knew Lucy had a terminal illness and we treasured her all the more for it and remained firm in our resolve.

    It took one phone call, just one phone call to put that resolve clean out of our heads. Pam, who had bred our first Lab, Tara, twenty-three years ago, phoned to say that her dog had had a litter. There was a shocked silence – we both knew what was going through the others head.

    "OK, when do we go to look at the pups?" our daughter asked.

    "We’re not!" I replied firmly.

    Mollie arrived two weeks later. She was a little devil and a pure delight and Lucy adored her. Who said we were too old to have a new puppy? My husband? Me? Never!
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