Ghost Hunting

Hi folks,

Finally, the long awaited secret is out. Yes, you guessed it...I hunt ghosts.

I know, I know, the above thread has Paranormal Investigation as a title, but I like to be different and original.

So I started my own thread.

So in the spirit (no pun intended) of June Jubilee, I am posting all about my fav hobbie.

My fascination with spirits started long before the popular T.V shows like Ghost Hunters, Paranormal Activity, Ghost Whisperer, etc.
I used to have spirits visit me as a child. At the time, it freaked me out. When I told my parents, they wouldn't believe me and my siblings just thought I was lying.

For most of my youth, I did not sleep at night because that was when the spirits came to talk to me.
Instead, I would either sneak into my parent's room until my father woke up and yelled at me or I would run to my sister's room where I was only allowed to sit on the floor near her bed. There I would sit all night watching the doorway as shadows of men and women passed by, looking in on me.

Once the sun rose, I felt safe to return to my bed and grab a couple of hours sleep before I was roused for school. Over time, I blocked out the spirits and learned to breathe under my covers until I fell asleep.
Soon I could no longer see spirits, although, I could sense them.
That sensitivity stayed with me all my life. I have many terrifying stories as well as lovely stories about ghosts.

Today, I will post pictures of ghosts that I got from my investigations, along with some of those stories.

I invite all to share their paranormal stories in my author forum. I am sure everyone has at least one. If you have any photos, please feel free to post them too.

I will also post sneak previews of my fantasy romance, Daughters of Odin - July 2010 release.

Everyone who posts will go into the running to win eBooks of the award winning Celtic series, along with an advanced copy of Daughters of Odin.

So check back later for updated photos and stories. I hope you all have a ghoulish day.

Haunts and kisses