WOW, I was looking at all the threads here and trying to figure out which ones I should post in. See I do a LOT of these things---just not often enough. I also try to rescue stray/feral cats, and um, oh yeah, cruise the internet. (I use the excuse of research, but honesty compels me to admit that mostly I just cruise around reading whatever catches my fancy.)

So, rather than even try to post in each thread that applies I will put here what I do on those rare occasions when my time isn't spoken for!
1) Design and sewing;
2) Plants/yard/want to call it gardening, but I never get to go that far;
3) Playing with the puppydog;
4) Exercise (I can't and won't call dieting a hobby. Yes I do it, no it's not something I do for FUN.)
5) Drawing, painting.
6) Knitting.
7) Beading and the occasional jewelry making.
8) Decorating and doing things with/to the house.

Generally speaking, if it creates something, I'm in. I like to do things where I have a product in my hand at the end. I enjoy taking component parts and winding up with something completely new that wouldn't have existed if I hadn't done it. Sort of why I take blank pieces of paper and create places, people, and situations that never would have existed if I hadn't written it down. Perhaps I have a god complex? Surely not! LOL.