Hey Readers and Authors out there!

Yes, so I've posed the question--'Does an Author really have time for a hobby?' (Or as my husband seems to think that writing is my hobby. Ha!)

I have a list of hobbies that I share with readers--I love to read, do photography, scrapbook, watch period drama's, research history, stay up to date on homeschooling.

But in reality, how much time do we authors have to spend on our hobbies?

Between the writing and the editing and the promotion and then the fun social activities which go along with being an author, when do we have time for a hobby? (Then of course there are those mundane activities like cooking, cleaning and paying bills. And, oh yeah, being mommy, wife, and in my case, teacher.)

Many of us are at different points in our lives with different responsibilities upon us, but I'd love to hear what authors have to say about their actual time spent on their hobbies