Yes, I'm an embroiderer too...though I don't do as much of it as I once did. That's due quite a bit to the demands of running the company...but it is also do to the fact that I quilt too and quilting takes up a lot of what little hobby time there is.

I have made dozens of sets of embroidered pillowcases over the years. I used to make a set each year for my mother in law when she was still alive. She always loved getting them. I also did a sweatshirt for my niece...a horse lover. I think it was made from an Aunt Martha's transfer...a horse head, inside a bunch of flowers.

I like making a lot of my own gifts at Christmas time...and I do like doing embroidery. Relaxing. :-)

I find TV time is a great time to embroider. Having something to do with my hands keeps me awake...