A while back, when I lived in Anaheim, California (I'm in Palm Springs now), I had one of the few houses in the area where there was a sizeable back yard. It had a beautiful and very old avocado tree and some newer fruit trees (mainly lemons).

The first year there, my husband and I planted flowers like fools and bought all these house plants. One of the poor dears kept wilting on me no matter what I did. It was a delicate little thing with fernlike leaves. As I recall, it was called a Chinese something or other.

Feeling bad about not being able to get it to thrive, I thought I'd plant it in the back yard to see what would happen. Before I did, I poured these white BB-type fertilizer thingys (something called Osmokote?) that we'd bought at Home Depot into the hole. After damping them down, I snuggled my sick baby into the hole and crossed my fingers.

Less than a year later, it was over twenty feet high and was threatening the telephone wires (or so the City said).


I now believe in the power of fertilizer.

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Tina Donahue
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