There are good ways to be inundated, and there are bad ways. The low, invasive spreading green of these invasive clovers suffocating my garden are one of the bad ways. (Lean muscular arms inundating my personal space would be a good way.)
But we're talking gardening, so let's focus. The little green (*&^! are destroying my lettuce bed. I planted lettuce and a week later, besides the sun-drenched green of new lettuce, I found the sea dirge of low-lying ground cover overwhelming the lettuce's space. They're spreading everywhere... What to do?

Coincidentally (which is why I believe there is no such thing as coincidence) a friend of a friend has an extra bale of salt hay to give me, which should keep down these "weeds". I will spread the salt hay and report back. [and if you have any experience with salt hay, please share!]

NOTE: there really are no weeds... only plants growing in places where they are not intended... That's a weed. Makes you think about people and how they're perceived.