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    Default The False Light by Diane Scott Lewis CTTR winner!

    My historical novel, The False Light, just won the CTTR Award from Coffee Time Romance.

    Here's an excerpt:

    Trethewyisnt going to be much help, Im afraid. He never is, unless it benefits him. But hes the only law in the area. Everett assisted her into the curricle, his grip on her arm almost painful.
    I must agree. The Justice bringing up Stephen upset her. But Everett had little reason to kill him and hed been away, in Londonhadnt he? She rubbed a hand over her brow as if she could wipe away that thought.
    The curricle and horses lurched up the steep grade to the main road. An edgy silence lingered between them. Bettinas aggravation and confusion over the events boiled over. I must find my horse. I planned to give him to—”
    You have to be careful from now on. You simply cant go off unescorted. And never approach that man alone. Everett snapped the reins and his team tossed their heads. Trethewyshould be reprimanded to do his duty.”
    I am leaving here as soon as I can arrange it, so I will not be a burden to anyone. She struggled to keep her voice firm and shifted on the hard bench. I wish that I had never come to Cornwall.
    Everett glared at her. Dont start sounding like Miriam.
    Stop this carriage at once! Bettina slid from the seat, forcing him to rein in the horses. She jumped down and ran toward the cliffs, not wanting him to see her angry tears.
    Everett leapt from the curricle and chased after her. He caught her arm and swung her around to face him. I didnt mean that, I'm sorry. You dont understand everything.
    I do not understand anything! She thrashed to free herself, but he wrapped his arms around her and pressed her to his chest. She refused to look at him. I wanted you to love me.

    For purchasing info you can visit my website:
    or purchase the ebook from:
    and the paperback:

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    Congratulations on the award Diane.

    I like the excerpt and hope you'll post another one soon.

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    Default TFL Excerpt

    Thank you for enjoying my excerpt.

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