Discovery in Passion: BK 1>>

“Mind if I position you?”
“Oh, baby, do with me what you will.”
Thomas hoped he could get this done without embarrassing himself. Her deep seductive voice definitely was doing a number on him. “Lie partially on your side.”
“Like this?”
“Not that much; tilt your upper body to the side a bit. Like this.” Oh, touching her had not been a smart move. Biting his lip, Thomas shifted her into position. “Now lift your right leg, bend at the knee and place your left hand across your belly. Perfect.”
“Thank you.”
He was going to lose it. Seeing the roses on the table, he picked them up and snapped off the blooms.
“I’ll buy you more.” She’d brought over four, and he was going to use all four. Leaving one on the table,
Thomas began plucking petals from the rest and dropped them onto her naked body. They fell lightly to land on her chest, belly and hands. The last bloom he took and carefully slid it into her hair just over her right ear. He took a step back, looking at her through a painter’s eyes and was satisfied with what he saw.
“Are we good to go?” Cassie inquired.
With a nod, Thomas walked to the easel. Lifting the charcoal pencil, he began to work.
“How many nudes have you really painted?” Cassie asked while Thomas worked busily behind the easel.
“Wow. My nose is itchy.”
“Don’t move.”
“Easy for you to say.” She wiggled her nose, and he scowled at her. “Sorry.”
“You only think your nose is itchy because you can’t move. We haven’t been at this long. I’ll be done soon enough, then you can scratch your nose. Think of something else.”
“How long will this take?”
He paused, looked around the easel at her. “We can
quit right now if you like?”
“No. I’ll deal with it. So, why did you move all the
way out here?”
“Why did you?” His hand worked quickly, putting the
lovely image before him on canvas.
“I pulled out a map, closed my eyes and pointed.
When I opened my eyes, it had landed on Passion. Here I
His eyes lifted from his work. “You pointed to a map
and that’s how you chose where you’d live?”
“You betcha.”
She was an odd one. “Why didn’t you stay in Calgary?”
“I wanted to be on my own, and I knew if I stayed too
close to home I would only end up relying on my parents.
It was time I moved out on my own in any case.”
“You’re what…twenty-three-ish?” Thomas spoke
while his hand drew the fine lines of her figure.
“Oh, you are a sweetheart. I’m twenty-eight.”
His eyes lifted now with a great deal of surprise. “You don’t look it.”
“You definitely know how to flatter a girl. What’s
your story, Thomas Healy? Why did you choose to live in this small out of the way town?”
“It was quiet.” It was proving to be a little more difficult drawing her breasts than he thought it would be. Closing his eyes, he chastised himself for letting his mind wander, then returned to his art.
“It was quiet? What kind of answer is that?”
“A simple one. You moved your leg.”
“I did not.”
Thomas grunted, setting his pencil down before walking to her. “You’re leaning it against your other leg.” Taking her knee in his hand, he moved it back into place. His eyes drifted to the ripe pinkness between her legs, and he nearly drooled all over her. “Keep it there.”
“I know you want me, Thomas.”
Who wouldn’t want her? “We can’t always have everything we want.” He proceeded to draw the detail of her body.
“Certain things we can, and I wouldn’t mind one bit if you took me.”
“I’m sure you wouldn’t, but I don’t mix business with pleasure.”
“Fine, I’ll hire someone else to fix up my house.”
“You signed a contract which is legally binding.”
She huffed. “Then I’ll break it and let my lawyer deal with the outcome.”
“It’ll be tied up in court for months, maybe longer, and you still wouldn’t get your way.”
“Why are you being so stubborn?”
“It’s ingrained. I said don’t move,” he chastised her when she sat up.
“I nearly had you on the stairs at my house, and trust me, you weren’t thinking of business or the damn contract
at the time. I could have you begging me to take you. Just like that.” She snapped her fingers.
“And you would only humiliate yourself. Lie back down,” Thomas insisted.
“The hell I will.” She stood up, rose petals floating to the floor.
“If you don’t lie back down, I won’t be able to finish the painting.” He lied; he could draw or paint her with his eyes closed. Every curve of her body was ingrained in his memory.
“Screw the painting. You’re trying to tell me that if I came to you now, wrapped my arms around you and rubbed my naked body against you, that you wouldn’t take me?”
Thomas laid his pencil down because he knew he wasn’t going to get anywhere until she was through with her snit. “Funny, you don’t strike me as a desperate woman.”
Her jaw dropped. “Desperate! How dare you.”
“I believe anything worth having is worth waiting for. Anything that is rushed is not. I’m not looking for a quick fuck, and if that’s all you’re looking for, go hang out at the local bar and wait for the oil riggers to come in.
They’re always looking for a quickie.” He mentally cursed himself for what he’d said.
“You bastard.” Grabbing her wrap, she threw it on and stomped from the house.
“That was nice, Thomas, really fucking nice,” he muttered after the door slammed with her exit.>>
Escape in Passion: BK 2>>

“Officer, oh, officer. I need your help.”
Turning his attention to the high pitched voice, Vic saw the elderly woman running towards him. Instinct kicked in; he prepared himself for the worst. “Is there a problem, Mrs. Dunbar?”
“Yes, yes, oh, dear, dear me.”
“Just relax, Mrs. Dunbar. Take a deep breath and tell me what’s wrong.”
“It’s Mr. Jingles, oh, Lord, he’s stuck under the tree.”
“Did you call for help?” Vic asked, rushing along with the woman as she led him to her house.
“I was just about to go into the house and call, but then I saw you. Thank God. You have to help him.”
“Okay, just relax. Was he conscious when you left him?”
“Oh yes, and yelling his head off.”
“Okay, that’s good. What part of him is under the tree?” Vic pulled out his radio and was about to call in for backup when she spoke.
“His tail.”
He paused not just in step, but thought as well. “Come again?”
“His tail. I heard him crying, so I went out to see where he’d gotten to, and I found him stuck under the tree.”
“His tail?”
“Yes,” she said with exasperation, leading him to the back of the house. “See.”
One look and Vic wanted to curse out loud. “That’s a cat.” And like she’d said, it was screaming its head off.
“It’s Mr. Jingles. I don’t know how he got himself stuck to the base of the tree. You have to help him, please,
Letting out a deep breath, Vic walked up to the tree. Yep, she was right, the cat was stuck and apparently not just his tail, but it looked like his butt as well. Vic couldn’t help but laugh.
“This is no laughing matter, officer.”
He didn’t bother to correct her in regards to his rank but did stop laughing. Or at least he did his best not to laugh. “Okay, let’s see what I can do.” Biting his tongue, Vic knelt down to the cat, who looked like he was ready to shred anything that came near him. Thank God for the regulation work gloves Vic wore. He pushed some snow away from the cat to get a better look. “Well, looks like I solved this one quickly.”
“What? What are you talking about?”
“Looks like Mr. Tinkles—”
“Jingles,” she corrected.
“Jingles, sorry, has gotten his butt stuck on his own urine.” Vic looked down at the panicked cat. “Don’t you know that when it’s this cold out, you shouldn’t put your butt down when you’re taking a leak?” he chastised the cat while he hissed and swiped his front paws at Vic.
“Can you help him?”
“I think I can. What I need you to do is go inside, run some hot water into a bucket and bring it out to me.” The instant she hurried to the house, Vic let the laughter roll. How could he not find humor in the situation when the damn cat’s ass was frozen to the snow because of his own piss? “See, that’s where dogs are smarter. They lift their
legs to pee and, therefore, prevent having their balls and ass stick to the snow.”
“Here we go.”
Biting his lip, Vic took the bucket of hot water from Mrs. Dunbar and knelt back down to the cat. “Now, be a good kitty and don’t claw my eyes out when I free you.”
“Don’t hurt my baby,” Mrs. Dunbar pleaded.
Nodding to her, Vic just hoped he wasn’t the one that got hurt. “Here we go.” Tilting the bucket, Vic began to pour the water beside the cat, in hopes it would melt the snow and release Mr. Jingles. The cat hissed, began to claw wildly, kicking up snow in his fight to free himself.
“Mr. Jingles!” Mrs. Dunbar cried out.
Because he worried the cat would rip its balls off, Vic placed one hand on top of his back while he poured the rest of the water. It wasn’t easy holding Mr. Jingles down; the cat was large, fat but strong, and put up a good struggle. The water melted the snow which released him from the spot he was frozen to, and Vic managed to scoop up the cat with both hands before it managed to run away. “Hold up there, big guy. Let’s check you out.”
“Is he alright?”
The cat fought like it was being murdered and managed to dig his claws right through the thick leather gloves Vic wore. He cursed under his breath, shifting the wiggling cat to check out his backside.
That had been a major mistake.
Mr. Jingles wiggled, Vic lost his grip and the cat lunged at him, clinging to his jacket. And if that wasn’t
bad enough, Mr. Jingles took one carefully aimed swipe at Vic’s face and scratched him right across his left cheek.
“Son of a bitch!” He dropped Mr. Jingles, and the cat instantly ran for the house.
“Mr. Jingles,” Mrs. Dunbar cried, racing to the house.
“You’re welcome,” Vic called out, dabbing at the fire on his cheek. “Brutal bastard,” he muttered under his breath, trudging his way through the alley and away from Satan’s spawn. Damn cat.
With his gloved hand, Vic covered the wound as he marched his way home. Do someone a favor and look what you end up with. What had his life come to? He’d resorted to freeing cats frozen to the snow because the feline was too stupid to take a piss inside when it was cold. Six months ago he’d been investigating major crimes, and now he was freeing stupid cats from the snow.
Lord, what had he been thinking?
“Well, hello, handsome.”
Glancing over, Vic smiled at the beautiful blonde with big, blue eyes and replied in a sexy growl, “Well, hello yourself.”
Finally, things were looking up>>
Mercy in Passion: BK 3>>
He wasn’t watching where he was going; he just walked, needing freedom, needing air. The wind was brisk but that too went unnoticed. He was mad and it showed in the way his feet ate up the concrete as he walked.
“Now that’s a familiar look.”
Justin stopped abruptly, lifting his head to the man that spoke. He was the last person he wanted to see right now. “What?”
“That look on your face.” Wes stepped out of the shadows of his yard. “I remember seeing it plenty of times on your face when your daddy pissed you off.”
That much at least hadn’t changed. He was once again pissed at his father. “Yeah, right.”
“Wanna come in for a beer?”
“I just want to be alone right now, Wes.” And nowhere near him.
“Just one, come on man. For old times sake.”
“Another time, maybe. Catch you around, Wes.” Pulling a cigarette from the package, Justin headed off. When he saw Beth step in front of him, he actually rolled his eyes and blew out a long breath. “Great, another person I don’t want to see.”
“If you’re planning on starting up where you left off, Justin, know that I’ll be watching your ass.”
“Jesus Christ, Beth. How about a trial before you execute me. I wasn’t doing anything.”
He flicked the ashes into the air, snarling. “Fuck off, okay.”
“I’m in charge of protecting this town now, Justin, and I won’t tolerate you making a mockery out of it, or your parents.”
He dropped the cigarette and not so gently stomped it out with his foot.
Beth pulled the pad from her back pocket of her police uniform pants and began writing.
“What the hell are you writing?”
“A ticket.” She snapped it off and handed it to him.
“For what?”
He took the ticket, glanced at it then back up to her. “You have got to be kidding me.”
“I never kid where my job is concerned.”
“Jesus, you really turned scary.” He crumpled the ticket into his pocket. “For the record, constable, I have no intentions of making a mockery out of anyone. All I want is to make amends and set the record straight.” No, what he really wanted was to go home and forget the town of Passion.
“What record would that be?” she asked with a snarl in her tone.
“I was not responsible for the B&E.”
“Right.” She chuckled sarcastically.
“You know, I’m really getting tired of being persecuted for something I didn’t do.”
“You were caught red-handed.”
“I was set up.”
Beth simply stared at him.
“Fine, don’t believe me. Why should you be any different than anyone else.” He pushed past her, bumping her lightly as he marched off. He didn’t need this shit anyway.
“Well it’s not like you gave anyone reason to believe you.”
He spun around, furious. “I thought you above anyone else would believe me.”
“What was I supposed to believe when you ran off without saying a word, no letters, no calls to say how you were doing.”
“I couldn’t call because I—”
“You’re a coward.”
He actually felt like his head might explode with rage. “I am not a coward.”
“No, then why did you run?”
“I ran because I had no other choice.”
“You could have stayed and faced it like a man.”
“I was only eighteen.”
“Old enough to knock off a gas station.”
“I didn’t rob it,” he shouted at her, getting right into her face.
“Then explain why you were there and the locks were broken and the cash gone.”
“I was framed.”
“Right.” She turned to leave and was quickly spun around.
“Where was the cash then, Beth? It wasn’t on me. Why wouldn’t I have it if I had just robbed the place?”
“You gave it to your buddies.”
“Right and I stayed to what…get caught? Think about it.”
“I have thought about it, for six years. Let me go, Justin.”
“You’re a cop; look at the evidence, Beth. Look at it through a cop’s eyes, not a friend’s eyes.”
“I don’t want to discuss this anymore. Let me go, Justin.”
“Just listen to me.”
“Let me go.”
“Damn it, Beth.” He was completely thrown back when she gabbed his head with her other hand and plastered her mouth over his. Her lips were hot, her mouth was sweet, and as she pulled away, he saw the wide eyed look on her face. Slowly he released his hold on her.
She spun around.
She rushed off without saying a word.