You know the kind of guy who isn't a macho alpha type but still takes you by surprise. The one who starts off gentle and charming then, before you know it, you're being swept off your feet while he chuckles at your befuddlement? Yeah, that's Srin Flerovs, the savant hero of IN ENEMY HANDS. In this excerpt, Moon and Srin indulge in some wordplay before Srin decides to take the initiative!

“And what about you? If the ability to do four-dimensional maths in your head is not an indication of intelligence, what is?”

“I didn’t say I wasn’t intelligent. Just that I don’t think I’m as smart as you.”

“You’re trying to flatter me,” she accused.

“Absolutely. Is it working?”

Moon had to laugh at that. She couldn’t help herself.

“No wonder you need someone like Dr. Savic around,” she remarked. “I can’t imagine the trouble you’d get into otherwise.”

“That’s strange,” he said, rising to his feet. He extended his hand and she took it, placing her fingers in his open palm, as though they were at a formal reception instead of a deserted science lab.

“That’s exactly what Hen says,” he told her.

She stood and met his appreciative gaze, just centimetres away. Moon felt the breath catch in her throat. Something she thought dormant flared into life, fluttering through her belly.

“Dr. Moon Thadin,” he said, standing so close she could feel the brush of his shirt against hers. “Famous scientist. Groundbreaking researcher. Even Hen’s impressed with your record. And Hen isn’t someone who’s easily impressed.”

“What about you?” Her voice was suddenly hoarse. “Are you impressed?”

“By your mind? How could I not be? By you? Well, let’s just say, Dr. Thadin, you continue to surprise me. And most delightfully.”

He bent his head to kiss her. She was expecting it, but expected their first embrace to be fleeting and soft, a meeting then release. It was only as his kiss deepened that she knew she had underestimated him again.

With surprisingly strong hands, he pulled her against him. She felt his arousal against her groin and gasped. He used it as an invitation to explore her mouth more thoroughly, running his tongue along the edge of her teeth, and then seeking out her own tongue to tangle with.

She shouldn’t be doing this. She only agreed to have dinner with Srin for professional reasons. What would Drue Jeen say if he happened upon such behaviour? What would Hen Savic say? She was a scientist. A thinker.

A woman.

With a groan, Moon lifted her arms, shaking off Srin’s grip, grasping his head between her fingers.

It had been so long and she didn’t know how much she had missed the feel of someone else’s flesh against hers until Srin’s lips touched her own. His skin was hot against hers, his mouth moist and welcoming, hard where her fingers met bone and her tongue met jaw, soft against the flesh of his cheeks and the answering probe of his own tongue.

She thought she was beyond this, cleansed of any desire, stripped of everything except her brain and her utility and duty to the Republic that had finally released her. But the feel of Srin against her, his chest brushing against her breasts, his thighs, strong and firm against hers, resurrected buried and primal longings.

She heard a moan—was that muffled voice hers?—but didn’t stop. How had she ever thought she could bury such intense feelings? She was no virgin; she knew the pleasure in feeling another’s hands against her skin. How stupid was she to imagine she could forgo such sensual touch for the rest of her life?

Srin’s fingers were skimming her back, dipping down the curve of her back to cup her buttocks, sending dozens of tiny shivers through her body. Her nipples were already hard from his touch.

Moon wanted his deceptive assertiveness, wanted to explore the hardness of a body that she could feel through her own, and surrender to whatever he wanted to do to her.

Eventually, he tore himself away, his breathing ragged and uneven. The intensity in his pale eyes not only warmed her but set her on fire.

“I’ve always thought life is too short,” he said in a half whisper. “You’ve got to grab happiness whenever you can.”

Go Srin! LOL