I know that there is a graphic design area in the forum, but seeing as GD is one of my main hobbies as well, I figured I'd cross pollinate some threads.

Thanks to a friend of mine, I am the proud owner of an amazing graphic design program, CS@ (Creative Suite 2). I really only ever use the photoshop program, but occasionally I sneak over in to illustrator and make crazy vectors too. (I'm not very good at them.)

What I love about graphic design is rather similar to what I love about writing. I get an idea and I can make it real, (not like living breathing real, (cause if that were the case I'd be doing nothing but hotties).

Graphic Design compliments writing very well. When I need a banner, bookmark, blog header, etc... I can whip one up at a moment's notice, and thanks to so many different photostock sites I can download fantastic images for free, (Images that I couldn't get with my own camera).

Most photoshop tricks I have learned on my own, studying tutorials, or just mucking about, but I also have some great artistic friends out there who are professionals in the business such (Thanks to Tuesday and Anastasia ).

Graphic design is very rewarding, but also time consuming. Searching for that one perfect photo can take hours, and it seems that I get more project ideas rather than less with every new image I see.

Just this year, I set up my own graphic Design site, in hopes that I could supplement my writing career with cover art services, but I am rather new still, and I confess, I have a hard time taking money for something I enjoy this much.

To see some of the images I have created please visit http://fantasiafrogdesigns.wordpress.com. Leave a comment if you like. I love feedback, suggestions, and chit chatting about graphic design in particular.

If you have any questions, and you think I might have an answer or know where you can get them, just ask. (I'm friendly)