Hey everyone! Welcome to the "Darien" thread! This place is dedicated to my debut novel. You may post anything you'd like so long as it relates to the novel and is approppriate. Whether your comment is positive or negative is definitely fine, so feel free to speak your mind.

This is the tale of an orphan elf boy, Darien, who lives with his sister and his horse. Living as outcasts in a discerning town, curious and benevolent Darien finds a sword and shield; little does he know that he will fall burden to heavy and life-altering duties and that the found weapons have a unique and personal history. One day a massive dragon, under an evil man's orders, attacks their home and kills a loved one. That single event touches off a legendary quest for revenge that covers the lands of the Four Kingdoms and back again-and in the midst of it all, the main character meets the beautiful Princess of Amethysts-but an abrupt law forbids their love. Darien is heartbroken, but he finds solace in the fact that he has defeated the main source of evil for years and generations to come...or so it seemed...but it was only just the beginning of pure, dark evil. As six years stroll by, one evil man spreads darkness throughout the Four Kingdoms with dreadful power. Now a teen, Darien lives alone, remaining as an outcast, but one night he receives a message and discovers that not only has the evil not ceased, it has grown devastatingly stronger. Still in grief, he is rapidly and austerely swept into the world of darkness. The Four Kingdoms are in grave danger and it is up to him, with a little help from his friends, to defeat the evil once and for all and restore peace and tranquility. Unique and colorful characters-both good and bad-are cleverly woven together throughout this coming-of-age tale, where young Darien learns to value the importance of courage, friendship, fate and destiny.

Here are some questions you can anwer if you want to:

* Any favorite characters you want to mention? Feel free to tell us all!
* If you have finished my book, did you have any scenes that you liked in particular? Feel free to type about any scene or comment about a scene that you liked!
* If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to leave them here!
* Complaints? Be completely honest! I will not be upset if you have a complaint, but I will delete your post if it is untactful and rude, like using swear words and innapropriate/sexual content! Feel free to type anything else, otherwise!