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    Post June 17th Is My June Jubilee Day

    Hi Kaye- I love to read historical western themed books - especially if they are spicy romances because the men are always such alpha males.
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    My inspiration for writing westerns is mostly from growing up in a cowboy environment. I fell in love with Marty Robbins and Louis L'Amour at an early age.

    To answer your question about writing out of the western genre...yes, I have and will continue to do so. Now, having said that, I'm finishing a western right now that will open the western line at Breathless Press in November. I'm also preparing to submit a 100k+ western historical to another epublisher and I have a western placed with an agent in hopes of acquiring a print deal. HOWEVER, I'm also finishing a Roaring Twenties gangster story and I have a WWII romance and the beginnings of a steampunk in the works.

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    for answering my questions.
    WOW, so you've got a little bit of everything going on right now. Very cool. I've never tried a roaring 20's gangster story or a WWII romance, so I will have to check them out when your finished.
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    Oooh Marty Robbins. When I was a teenager, I wrote to him telling him how much I admired him, and how I loved horses, and he not only wrote back, but sent me a signed picture of himself on his own horse! How many so called 'stars' do that sort of thing nowadays?

    I haven't seen 'Appaloosa' yet, but I must try and get the DVD. I love Viggo Mortensen, it sounds like my sort of Western/ I really love the idea of two guys loving each other, just as friends.

    Wishing you much success with your writing.
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