Anyone read the Harlequin NEXT series? I won a subscription this year, and would love to chat them up.

The releases for June are:
Finding Home by Marie Ferrarella -- LOVED IT!! This had the most touching love scene I've read in ages!
Sisters by Nancy Robards Thompson -- liked it!
The English Wife by Doreen Roberts
Window Dressing by Nikki Rivers

[img width=101 height=160][/img] What if you had a quarter million dollars to spend on anything you wanted? Not what your husband or children wanted, but you. After an unexpected inheritence from her uncle, Stacey Sommers is forced to do something she hasn't done in 26 years -- put her own wants first.

What she wants isn't new or different, it's to take what she has and make it better. If only her husband looked at remodeling their home that way. Set in his ways and frugal, he can't bear the thought of spending that much money to fix what isn't broken. But Stacey is tired of fixing with a band-aid things that need major surgery. Though the renovations walls come down, both in the house, and in a marriage taken for granted. When they let the light in, both realize what they have is worth holding on to.

This book has the most sensual love scene I've ever read. Not sex or erotic titilation, but making love in words. Absolutely brilliant. The scene was so filled with yearning and depth I had tears in my eyes. Most of the book the couple is straining to be needed, appreciated, heard so when the two finally come together it is conveyed so much pent up need and promise you'll re-read the scene. At least twice. If you've ever wondered how to write a love scene, this is how it should be done.

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