The six inch screen Kindle is at and all time low pricing right now--which is why I could finally buy one--if you want to check them out. Here's the pro's as I see them as a new user. You can order/purchase books (after you set up your account on Amazon) right from your reader (no computer needed) and in seconds your book is on your reader-but you have to be in a 3G network. They deliver the books by some kind of like mobile phone service that they don't charge for (no phone for clarity). I live in the rurals and drove into town and all my book orders downloaded in less than a minute. Once downloaded, you can read them. It will also read to you with that mechanical sounding voice--which is pretty good--great when I'm on road trips and can't read because I get car sick. It is light wieght and after a little bit I was totally into the book and forgot I was on the reader. Downsides: You have to be in a 3G network to download your books--even in the rurals you eventually drive to town-lol. It is light wieght, and there are covers to purchase to protect them, and some are really cute and others practical; but I chose my old Bible cover--Sad, but true--it's not likely to get stolen that way. I see the readers everywhere. It's great. So far that is all that is all the experience and knowledge I have. I also have a Sony 505 reader. I liked it too. It was heavier and I found I had to know technology and skills I didn't have to download a book with an ISBN number from another site and get it onto my Sony 505. When I ever I ordered straight from Sony, wonderful books and services.