Do you make up silly little songs about your cats? I'm not good at it, but my sister does it all the time. Kitty Ditties don't have to make sense. They should be as silly as possible because, after all, they're just for fun! They should at least make some vague attempt to rhyme, though.

While visiting me last week, my sister made up the following ditty for my cats. It doesn't work as well without the tune she invented to go with it, but here's what she came up with. The ending doesn't look like an "ending" unless you hear it with the tune:

Oh the kitties run around
Their feet are off the ground;
They fly through the air with greatest of ease,
But don't you know they won't eat their peas!

The kitties are so sweet,
They want something to eat.
Their mommy is sleeping down in her bed,
But they don't care, they want to be fed!

The kitties run around....! (sung slower as the "closing")

So, do you have any kitty ditties you'd like to share???