I love reading about everyone's hobbies, considering that I have always been someone who seemed be doing something.

Over the years I have arranged flowers for myself as well as friends, cross-stitched, decoupage and myriad other crafty things. In more recent years, genealogy consumed my waking hours, allowing me to accumulate over 40,000 names in my Family Tree Maker database.

However, as a writer, by hobby doesn't drift far from my writing itself. I spend a lot of time researching, as I write Regency romance. To effectively write a historical novel, an author must give the reader the feeling that they are reading about another time and place.

I love reading history, particularly American and British and use that interest to write my novels. Of course, my genealogy plays heavily in what I write. Many names from my own family tree can be found in my novels.

Oh, yes, I love movies as well, particularly period pieces. There's a lot to be said for an afternoon spent watching Gerard Butler or Colin Firth!

I'm always busy, with very diverse interests.