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    Talking Bitten, sexy excerpt

    This is an excerpt from Bitten, an erotic paranormal romance by Tracey H. Kitts, available now at New Concepts Publishing.

    “Enjoy your evening,” he said, and bowed as he swung the doors wide for us to enter the club.

    “That was bizarre,” Priscilla whispered to me as we stepped inside.

    “Wow,” I said, looking around.

    The Bucket of Blood was nothing like I had expected. I felt like I had stepped back in time. It looked like an old juke joint from the nineteen twenties. Not the kind respectable people went to, but the kind that flourished during prohibition. The kind where the mob hung out and moonshine was delivered to the backdoor. They were even playing blues music.

    I had to admit as I turned to Navarre, “I like it.”

    He smiled as he took my wrap and Priscilla’s and handed them to another vamp by the door. We were shown to a booth near the back of the room. On the way there, we had to walk across the dance floor. People brushed against me, both human and vampire and I liked it. The place practically vibrated with enough sexual energy to jump start a generator.

    Bloodletting was not done entirely in private here. In some corners you could see vampires feeding on their willing victims. It felt like watching someone have sex. I wanted to turn away, was in fact slightly embarrassed, yet I looked anyway. By the time we reached our table I found that my heart was fluttering, my hands were cold, and my cheeks felt flushed. I was extremely aroused.

    We had just barely ordered our drinks when Robert turned to me and asked, “Do you dance?” I couldn’t seem to speak, but nodded my response. “May I?” he asked Navarre.

    “Mmhm,” Navarre answered, gesturing toward the dance floor. “I’ll just keep your sister company,” he teased, putting an arm around Priscilla.

    I laughed. I knew he was only joking around. Robert I wasn’t so sure about, but he seemed genuine enough. I let him lead me onto the dance floor and we found a place in the crowd. You couldn’t dance without touching, not only your partner, but whoever else was near you.

    We were barely an inch apart when the next song began to play. It was slow, smooth, and mellow. There’s just something about good blues that gets underneath your skin and into your soul. This music was no exception. I took a deep breath and my breasts brushed against his chest, causing my nipples to harden. I gasped as a shock of pleasure ran through me and I pressed my hands against Robert’s chest.

    We began to move to the music, slowly at first. Then as the beat of the music grew faster, so did our rhythm. Our bodies moved together, bumping and grinding along with the rest of the crowd. He turned me around and pressed against me with his hands on my hips. I tossed my head from side to side, causing my long hair to hit him in the face with every movement. He didn’t seem to mind. In fact, as Robert’s hands began to roam over me, I found I didn’t mind that either. I had never danced this way before. I had never felt this sweaty, grinding, pulsing beat in my bones before.

    I’m not sure how long we danced, but the song had changed. The band was good. They had a way of making each song, though unique, sort of blend with the one before it. This way, you never had to stop dancing if you didn’t want to. And we didn’t. My eyes were closed and Robert had his arm around my waist when I felt another pair of hands on my body. They ran up and over my ribs, they even ran over Robert’s arm before cupping my breasts.

    I felt Navarre’s lips against my throat as my head rested back against Robert’s chest. Robert still held me, thought it was Navarre’s hands which roamed up and down my thighs. Before I knew it my dress was nearly around my hips and I had one leg wrapped around his waist as we danced … all three of us.

    We moved in time to the music, rocking and swaying as if we were a part of each other. I became lost in a sea of red and gold as their hair spilled across my face. Ever since I had slept with Navarre, something had awakened inside of me. I was aware of it before, but I had never felt it more strongly than I did tonight.

    Robert put one hand against the side of my face, turning me so that his lips could touch mine while Navarre buried his face against my throat. I could feel Navarre’s hands against my hips, leading me to the pulsing rhythm while Robert had one hand on my face and the other on my thigh. His lips were gentle, yet they devoured me. Just as before, I knew without question that all I had to do was say yes. I had no idea what I would be agreeing to, but I had never been so close to screaming the word.

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