Are you thinking about adding a kitten or puppy to your household? Are you after a specific breed? Be careful if you are thinking about purchasing that cute little Siamese or Husky in the pet store window. Most animals that are SOLD (not adopted out through a rescue) at a pet store come from puppy mills.

What is a puppy mill? A puppy mill is where a breeder gets dogs (and cats) and churns out puppies. The females are bred over and over until they are no longer capable of reproducing. The living conditions are deplorable. Some animals have never been out of cages, others are kept in kennels where the feces aren't cleaned out of the pen. Folks end up with cute little puppies that have genetic problems and the puppy or kitten cost much more in vet bills than they paid for the animal.

If you really want a breed, research. Find a reputable breeder or better yet go to and plug in the breed you are looking for. There are breed specific rescues across the country. You will have made a friend for life.
Many of these animals have come from deplorable conditions and are eternally grateful to get a good home of their own.

Also check out your local shelter. On one of my rescue loops a message went out the other day that seven boxers had been taken to a local kill shelter. Luckily, most of them were pulled by boxer rescues. But you never know what you might find at a shelter. Remember Morris? Yup, he was a shelter boy. Our kill shelter has had a lot of siamese and ragdoll cats come through it. And for the cat people out there, you know what a high demand cat ragdolls are.

The number of animals that would make great pets that get put down is appalling. My county alone averaged six thousand kills a year. That's one county in one state. And unfortunately,now with the economic situation being what it is pets are being turned in at an alarming rate.

So please, adopt a pet and save a life.

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