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    Default Its Time For Summer what are you Page Plans???

    Well summer is upon us and its time to start thinking about our scrapbook pages.* Take pictures of your kids at the beach, at the pool, or just around the house playing in the sprinkler.* What kind of pages can you do with these pictures?* I love to make beach themes with my girls pictures.* I have blue backgrounds with swimsuits and water toys all over the pages.* What are some of your ideas?

    Lets discuss this topic.* Any other questions you have about scrapbooking, let me know.* I will help you out all I can.
    Paige Nace
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    I am going to be doing graduation pages since my daughter just graduated 5th grade. As well I will be doing camping pages along with beach pages. Not sure about my layouts as of yet.
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    A good way to help with those pages is to buy kits that have the paper, stickers, and sample layouts already for you. This helps so much when it comes to organizing and trying to match pictures and stickers.
    Paige Nace
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    I never thought about purchasing kits. I have purchased the individual papers, diecuts, and stickers. I will have to look into kits.
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    I have purchased those kits before ...from Paige!

    Let me tell you..if you are a lazy scrapper (like me) or have a time crunch thing (like me) or can't coordinate your colors and stuff (LIKE ME)

    These kits are for you! Plus, it makes things SOOO much easier!

    Love them!
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    Default Can't live without my kits

    I am like Karenne, I am one of those lazy scrapbookers and if it wasn't for my kits I would be totally lost.
    Paige Nace

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