Yesterda6y I was blessed with my first grandchild, a boy name Scott Joseph. Scot weighed in at 6# 13 oz and was 20 and half inches long. He was born at 1:06 PM. Needles to say, parents, grandparents, and great grandparents were all excited and proud of the newest member to our family. What an exciting feeling. It doesn't feel like that long ago, I gave birth to my oldest daughter and before I knew it she was giving birth to her oldest daughter. And now here she is giving birth to a son. Time passes so quickly. It's like that song "Don't Blink 100 years goes faster than you think"
I remember starting out, young, in love and dieing to start a family. God blessed us a little more than a year after we were married and life was good. If anyone would have told me in 48 years I'd be a great grandmother, I would have laughed at them. 48 years seemed like forever to me. Yet here I am, what seems like a few years later wondering where the time went.
I'll put another pix of a quilt up tomorrow.