Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing and it just got a nice review from Manic Readers. Please see below

Michele is finally safe from her ex-husband. He's locked up in prison and she has moved far enough away that he shouldn't be able to find her. Shouldn't, couldn't. She is the curator of Blackheart Point Light now and happier than she's ever been. The furniture is wonderfully antique, the scenery gorgeous and—it even has its own ghost! The pirate Blackheart, lost at sea while sailing to England to save his woman.

Blackheart manifests himself to Michele. How could he not, she and the woman have the same name and same features as well? As they become closer the worst happens—Mark (ex-husband) gets out of prison and has revenge on his mind. Can a ghost save his new love? How did Mark find her again and what will happen? Blackheart Point will answer these questions in a well-written format that is great for a coffee break treat.