Meet 'Pentrepiod Sovereign' - aka Harri

Yes, he's Welsh. A registered Welsh Cob (Section D) to be exact.

Harry in blue halter2.jpg

The Welsh Cob is the largest of the four Welsh native breeds of horse and pony. They are tough, hardy and very versatile. When I bought Harri he had always been ridden English style. The first time I rode him I asked his then owner if I could use my Western saddle on him (making sure it fitted properly of course) and she said she'd never seen him move more freely. He'll now go quite happily Western or English, although I much prefer the Western style and I think he looks really good in Western tack. Harri is a sweetherart, he's very good natured and if T'pau starts bossing him around he'll just give her a look as if to say 'Oh leave me alone you bossy mare' and just walk off. His motto seems to be 'why waste energy arguing,' one worth adopting, I think! Harry and Me, June 2003 b.jpg