This is the third in my "Dancer" series, and it makes its debut on this board as a great way to let folks see what happens when your book gets accepted (I just got the contract offer from Champagne Books).

In my offer package came a form I will fill out explaining what I would like for a cover. The graphic artist (hopefully Amanda Kesley) will use it as a guide - unless overruled by my publisher. I'm thinking an aquatic scene this time to contrast with Rogue Dancer's arid badlands.

Judy Gill is going to be my editor. She did some wonderful work with Todd Hunter's "Friends In Deed" SF novella.

The blurb will also be asked for - the lead is going to be Rulers try to suppress her. Humans attempt to kill her, and a powerful male seeks to possess her. They should have known better.

Fun stuff. Like the rest of my novels, we'll probably shoot for a December release. The first phase of publication will be hard work between myself and my editor as we iron out the final wrinkles.