I have "officially" started my next novel and will start tossing updates within this thread on the creative process of writing a novel from scratch - comments and questions welcome.

First, the title. My "Dancer" series made the last part of the title obvious (grin). The first part was a tossup between "War Dancer" and "Battle Dancer" - "Battle Dancer" won out for purely marketing reasons - in any alphabetically sorted list it will appear at the front. Of course, any title I come up with must pass muster with my publisher.

Titles are of maximum importance, folks. It draws an immediate picture and expectation in the reader's mind - in this case they will expect action - and this new novel is intended to be all of that and more as Mikial, my MC, fights to free a world of us pesky humans. This is all-out futuristic war, which brings its own set of problems when you figure that anything capable of tracking you can kill you in one shot. More on that later.

The first task I am faced with is to make my idea list. Some of this list is preordained - but much of it still needs to be thought up. Basically, and idea list is every idea I would want to see expressed in this novel. This list will eventually become my chapter outline.