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Life Imitates Art!

Liz Bellamy agrees to pose for a provocative calendar to help raise money for the animal shelter where she volunteers. Although it's for a good cause, she's a little shy about posing half naked.

When she arrives at the photography studio and finds hot photographer Kent Draper waiting for her, she almost chickens out, but decides to go through with it anyway. Not only does she end up having one heck of a sexy photo shoot, but discovers being half naked in front of a hunky photographer and his camera is one hell of a turn-on. And when a girl gets that aroused, a little shyness isn't going to keep her from getting what she wants.

Liz was so mesmerized by the photographs she didn’t hear anyone come into the room and she jumped at the sound of the man’s voice. Hand to her throat, she whirled around to see the most gorgeous guy she’d ever laid eyes on standing before her. Tall and muscular with dark hair and a chiseled jaw, he had the kind of soulful brown eyes a girl could get lost in if she wasn’t careful.

Liz chewed on her lower lip. While part of her wanted to come back when Maxine was there, the other part wanted to get the whole thing over with. But could she pose in front of a guy? She wasn’t so sure of that. Then again, the short robe she’d brought to wear wasn’t all that revealing. It wasn’t like she’d be stripping naked for him.

On the other hand, she couldn’t deny the excited little hum that was starting to course through her body at the thought of a hot guy like him taking pictures of her scantily clad body.

Lips curving into a naughty smile, Liz slowly untied the belt and let the robe fall away to give Kent and his expensive high-tech digital camera a good, long look at her scantily clad body. From his sharp intake of breath, she had the feeling he liked what he saw.

At the sound of Kent’s voice, Liz opened her eyes to discover that he was no longer taking pictures, but was instead watching her every move, his dark eyes hot with lust. The reminder she had an audience only made the act of pleasuring herself that much hotter.

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The Sexy Tale of Goldie and the Three Werebears!

When Goldie Lockwood gets lost hiking and comes upon an isolated cabin, little does she know it belongs to three hot and hunky werebear brothers. The guys aren’t thrilled to discover Goldie ate their food and slept in their beds. Not wanting to go to jail, she suggests the men punish her for her naughty misdeeds—with an arousing round of spanking.

Goldie loves getting spanked and decides that after having her bottom warmed, she needs a little sex to make the night complete. The only question is whether she’s going to sleep with one of the brothers—or all of them.

Letting out a sigh of contentment, she pulled up the blanket and snuggled into the pillow. As she drifted off to sleep, she hoped the owner of the cabin didn’t come back and find her sleeping in his bed.

She absently wondered if there was a law against so many hunky guys being in one place at a time. If there wasn’t, there should be, because the combined effect they were having on her was practically criminal.

“So, which one of you is going to give me my spanking?”

Although she posed the question to all the men, Goldie looked at him when she spoke, silently willing him to be the one who volunteered.

His mouth edged up. “What do you mean, which one of us? We’re all going to spank you.”

As Gregory continued to tease and torment her nipples with his fingers, his mouth left hers to trail a path of kisses along the curve of her jaw and down her neck. She tilted her head to the side as much to give Gregory access as to see which brother was working his magic with her clit. Catching a glimpse of dark, wavy hair and a slightly crooked nose, she realized it was the middle brother, Barrett.

“Does that feel good?” he asked, his breath warm and moist against her ear.

She reached up to cup his cheek with one hand as the other found its way into Gregory’s silky hair. “Mmm.”

“Think I could make you come this way?”

She shivered as he pressed a kiss to the hollow behind her ear. “Why don’t we try it and find out?”


How Does She Tell Him She Wants More Than a Weekend Fling?

Kate Gentry is always the bridesmaid, never the bride. When her best friend asks her to be maid of honor, it just reminds her of how crappy her luck is when it comes to finding her own Mr. Right. Her friends point out she’s trying too hard to find Mr. Right instead of having fun with Mr. Right-Now. They convince her to put her search for the perfect man on hold and have some meaningless sex with a hot guy.

Kate takes their advice and propositions the gorgeous best man, Dawson McKenna. When he eagerly agrees, she finds herself doing things she never dreamed of doing—spanking, bondage and some amazing anal sex!

Despite knowing Dawson isn’t supposed to be Mr. Right, Kate finds herself falling for him big time anyway. But since she was the one who made the rules, how can she now tell him she wants more than just a weekend fling?

When Rachel and the other girls were going on about how hot the best man was, they forgot to mention his voice was as sexy as the rest of him. She couldn’t remember ever feeling heat pool between her thighs at the sound of a man’s voice. Damn, with a voice as deep and velvety as his, Dawson could probably read to her from the dictionary and her pussy would be purring like she was a cat in heat.

“Kate Gentry, are you seducing me?”

“I might be,” she admitted. “But only if it’s working.”

He chuckled. “Oh, it’s definitely working.”

She smiled up at him. “Then in that case, I’m definitely seducing you."

Without a word, Kate reached behind her and unzipped her dress. Rather than pushing it down right away, though, she slowly let it slide over her breasts, then took her time wiggling it over her hips. She’d never done anything as sexy as a striptease for a man before, but as Dawson’s hot gaze followed her every move, she decided she liked it. She felt empowered, like she had permission to do things she wouldn’t normally do. Probably because she had no expectations where Dawson was concerned. The weekend was just about having fun and some seriously hot sex with a gorgeous guy. She didn’t have to worry about whether he would respect her in the morning.

He chuckled, sending a sexy shiver running down her back. “You’re such a bad girl.”


“Uh-huh. And you know what happens to bad girls, don’t you?”

She didn’t know where this little game they were playing was going, but she liked it anyway. “What?”

He leaned in closer. “They get a spanking.”

She blinked up at him in surprise. Had she heard right? “A sp-spanking?”

He nodded. “A spanking. Right on that sexy little ass.”

Dawson didn’t wait for a reply, but instead took her hands in his and backed toward the bed. Kate’s pulse skipped a beat as she realized what he had in mind.


Gotta love a guy who comes with his own handcuffs!

When a hunky cop shows up at Julie Hanson’s apartment to tell her the police received a complaint about the noise from her birthday party, she assumes he’s a male stripper her girlfriends hired. Upon discovering the gorgeous Kirk Chandler really is a police officer, she’s completely mortified, especially since she teased him about giving her a birthday spanking.

Kirk appears at her door for a second time later that night, bearing gifts and asking if she got her birthday spanking. Julie not only gets her bottom nicely warmed, but is treated to a night of pleasure that qualifies as the best birthday present any girl could ask for.

She forced her gaze to move lower, taking in his broad shoulders and muscular biceps before coming to rest on the shiny badge on the front of his dark blue uniform. Directly across from it was a nametag that read Chandler. This hot hunk was a cop?

God, she was slow sometimes. This mouthwatering specimen of a man wasn’t a real cop; he must be a male stripper her friends had hired for her birthday. And if he looked even half as good naked as he did in that uniform, then she was in for a real show. Her friends were the best!

She glanced at the other girls over her shoulder and gave them a wink before turning back to him. Her lips curved into a sexy smile. “And you’re here to arrest me, right?” she teased. “Or maybe you’d rather give me a birthday spanking instead?”

“You’re really good, you know that? If I didn’t know better, I’d think you were a real cop.” She circled him slowly, running her hand up his arm and over his shoulder, then across his back. “The uniform looks real, that’s for sure.” She let her fingers trail over his opposite shoulder and down his other arm, her gaze going to the gun in the holster at his hip as she walked around to stand in front of him again. “So does the gun. And the handcuffs.” She ran a finger over the badge on his chest. “And that badge is the best I’ve ever seen.”

As she studied the radio clipped to his left shoulder, she realized it looked real, too. She didn’t know male strippers wore such authentic getups. She was about to say as much to him when the radio suddenly hissed.

“All units in the vicinity of Bayview, we have a 2-11 in progress…”

She frowned. Bayview was a neighborhood in the southern part of the city, across town from where she lived in the Lower Pacific Heights section of San Francisco. Oh…crap. This guy wasn’t a stripper. He was a real cop! She jerked her head up to look at him, her eyes wide.

A slow smile curved his mouth as he folded his arms across his broad chest. “That’s right, ma’am. The uniform is real. The gun is real. The handcuffs are real. The badge is real. And you,” he added meaningfully, “are in real trouble.”

He looked around the apartment again, then back at her, a teasing glint in his golden brown eyes. “So, did you ever get that birthday spanking you were looking for?”

She blinked. “Wh-what?”

“Your birthday spanking. Did you ever get one?”

“Oh!” Julie felt her face color. Dang it, why did she have to blush so easily? “No, I didn’t.”

Actually, she’d completely forgotten about it. But now the mere mention of one made her think of the heart-shaped paddle she’d gotten for a present, as well as her promise to put it to good use if she ever found the right guy. And Officer Kirk Chandler definitely looked like the right guy.

He gave her a slow, sexy smile as he took a step closer. “Do you still want one? If you do, I’d be happy to do the honors.”