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    Reading: Mischievous Music Duet by Jane Toombs
    Just Finished Reading: Demon Keepers by Jessica Anderson
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    I sleep late so I am up late. It's the best time to get my reading done after the grand children and my hubby have all gone to bed. AAAAH so peaceful and quiet. lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aline de Chevigny View Post
    So when I have some free time, which isn't often I sleep.
    Yep you read right, I sleep.

    Between my job where I work around 182 hours in 2 weeks and trying to write, edit, have a life and eat. I have time for sleeping as a hobby.

    But when i run away to the woods tonight, I will be reading mwahahahaha

    Aline honey, if sleeping were an Olympic event, I'd win the gold hands down!

    I love my sleep and will do anything to get it. I have insomnia so I'm always up late and hardly ever up early. It's rare that I get a good night's sleep.
    I've decided to use my name on my profile now to make things simple, but I am and always will be THE IrishWolf.
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    Reading: The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly
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    I love, love, LOVE sleeping in. However, I also love how much I can get done in a day if I'm up early. It's a toss up.

    Right now the kids are out of school for summer and I'm sleeping in for this first week. Starting next week I'll be getting up at 7am in order to get some writing done before the kids wake up & my crazy hectic days begin.
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