As long as I can remember, Iíve been in search of the cosmological secrets of the Universe, or the meaning of life. When my undergraduate and graduate courses failed to deliver, my search turned to metaphysics including: Carlos Castaneda's The Teachings of Don Juan, Joseph Pearceís Crack in the Cosmic Egg and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert M. Pirsig. These works led me delve into more scholarly offerings. Which included Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell and their theories regarding symbols, myths and the collective subconscious.

Along the way I became enthralled with classical African civilizations, including Egypt, Nubia and Cush. I feasted at the academician table of African authors as they spun truths of African giants who walked the earth. Around 1995 my mother pleaded with me to put my ranting down on paper. She plus the fact that Barnes and Nobles didnít offer any Afro-centric/Jungian/ Zen/ Christian/Quantum Theory novels lead me to write. The result was American Messiah, a post-apocalyptic novel. Had I known what an arduous undertaking it would be, I would have never started it in the first place. Inexperience has its advantages.
Around the turn of the century, personal issues then lead me to inscribe my memoir, Between Shadow and Smoke. Toni Morrisonís The Songs of Salmon and E. Lynn Harrisís own life story would serve as my literary and emotional compass. I lost my nerves several times, and sailed back to shore.

However, in the end, I knew that I have no other choice but to plunge head long into the icy, but often healing waters of life. I pray that absolution and spiritual expurgation lies in wait at the other side, waiting to caress me, suckle me and restore me. (Excerpt from Between Shadow and Smoke)
The spiritual voyage to the farthest regions of my past left my exhausted and often terrified, yet restored.

The Celestine Prophesy and later the Alchemist resurrected my passion for the genre and Secret of the Nile Valley was born, my third novel. The escalating crisis in the Middle East, Darfur, and the attacks on American soil moved me to render a more worthy planetary paradigm, an alternate path for the world, if you will. For the first time I was faced with a totally unfamiliar backdrop, as the plot spanned the globe. I took advantage of every community resource from visiting authors to campus lectures. But, my trusty library card proved the most valuable.

Since moving back to the Big Apple from Virginia, ideas for a sequel to American Messiah began swirling around in my head. Six months later, itís halfway completed. Thought it remains without a title, I'm sure one will evidentially surface.

Blogs, chat-lines, and bulletin boards (excellent modes of networking with agents, publishers and other artists) have prompted me to dabble in short stories. Iíve just completed my first two. And, Iím slowly warming to group chats, necessity being the mother of valor. Some of my future projects will cross the great divide over to literary and mainstream fiction, a challenge Iím looking forward to.

Let me close by saying, that my novels deliver classic tales, told with post-modern twists, meaty tales seasoned with romance and betrayal, fellowship and envy, good and evil, war and peace, love and hate, and life and death. My book suggest a transcendence of opposites, a union. It is done unto you as you believe. >>