Hi! It's the first day of June Jubilee here at CoffeeTime Romance and I want to get things rolling....

Comment today through Thursday about anything at all...what you're reading, genies, making wishes, how you're dying for Karen Marie Moning's final installment in the Fever series (I am)...but leave it here in my forum...and I'll send you a free copy of The Genie's Curse.

Then you can read about Ash, answer some questions in the Contest section of CTR where I'm a featured author, and get entered to win a $20 certificate for CTR books!
It's a win-win-win situation!

Comment with your name and an e-mail address (or, if you're not comfortable leaving that on the forum, you can e-mail me at kfzuzulo@yahoo.com with your email after you leave a comment) and Ash the Genie will magically appear in your inbox! And please stop back- I'll be here all month.