Hi everyone! What a wonderful idea to share our hobbies here...:-)

I have a ton of hobbies, to be honest, and pursue them sporadically, at best, but my newest one is creating runic hiking staffs. As soon as I get some pictures done, I'll post them...:-)

Basically, I find a sturdy five or six foot branch, strip it, let it dry for about a month, and then use a soldering iron to adorn it with runic symbols spelling out a message, name, power words, or personal sentiments. After that, I stain the staff and let it dry again. Once that's done, I go to the hobby store to pick some beautiful feathers, beads, and leather strings to decorate the top of the staff. My first one reminds me of a shaman's wand, only quite a lot bigger...lol

Anyone else into woodworking of any kind?


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