Hubby and I have started fostering dogs for the SPCA. Our first dog is called Patch Adams. He's such a cutie.

Last Thursday we picked up our first foster dog from the SPCA. He’s a Stafford terrier cross and is six months old. His name is Patch Adams. He had surgery on his left hind leg and was on cage rest until we brought him home.

When Patch first arrived at our place, he was very timid. Our section is fully fenced but I had a few anxious moments when I couldn’t find him. He spent the rest of the day hiding behind the potager garden. When he did finally emerge from hiding, he claimed Scotty’s old kennel and made himself at home.

Our job as fosters is to build his confidence, teach him manners and get him used to a lead. We’re walking him every morning and night, giving him loads of affection and building his confidence by introducing him to new situations and noises.

He’s very good at sitting and is improving daily in the confidence arena. For the first few days he didn’t like leaving the section but now he’s eager to walk. The second day with us, he started chewing. Luckily the cannon bone Mr. Munro brought home has done the trick, and he’s concentrated on chewing that. My shoes and doormat are safe again.

Patch is a loving and very affectionate dog. He’s really sweet and will make someone a wonderful pet.

Note: Bad news on the chewing front - Patch has attacked Mr. Munro's garden irrigation system. I caught him in the act and told him off!!