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    Default A bit about me

    A bit about me, I live in the UK just outside Cambridge. I am an author and artist. I always find talking about me a bit difficult as, in truth, I don't find myself particularly interesting. I am fairly focused on work, but I do have hobbies that I take rather seriously but I will open a new thread for that. In this thread, if you would like any general questions answered I would be happy to answer subjects on about anything.

    You can find my blog here
    My art here
    My writing here, here and here
    You can find my news letter and guest book here and the first ten drawn form the hat will win a free print of their choice.
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    Hi Richard. Signed up for your newsletter and made a comment in your guestbook. You have a lot of wonderful art. I love animals and I love the tiger art you did.
    What inspires some of your artwork?
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    Hi Richard,
    I too signed your guest book. You are so incredibly talented.
    Love your Lion.
    Carol L.
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    the inspirations from the art work come from all over.. I will never live long enough to paint all the things I want to paint.. I suppose it is a feeling when I see something.. a strong desire to capture something and make it mine.. and having made it mine.. I let it go.. does that make sense?

    thank you both for signing up to the news letter there is also a blog you don't need to sign up but do feel free to comment.. I would do more blogs but I feel like I am talking to myself most of the time

    thanks for the comments

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    Yes, it makes perfect sense...having a strong desire to capture something and make it yours...then once you have made it yours letting it go. I'd never thought of it in exactly those terms...but yes...that is exactly how I felt when I finished writing His Perfect Submissive... It was like...I had captured the characters, the nuances of who they were...and then I was ready to turn them lose (though this isn't always easy...they do keep coming back.)

    But makes perfect sense. :-)
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    Hey Richard,
    I went on over to look at your art...I love your D/s's brilliant. :-)
    Happy Reading
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    Thanks Laurie.. it is kind of tricky putting that sort of emotion into words.. and you are right the parallel works with writing.. when you write in a deep point of view you get to know the characters so well.. it is hard to let them go.. and then you have to listen to any comments good or not so good.. with the writing the criticism is harder than criticism over art, though thankfully I don't get criticised that often (not to my face anyway). with art I can shrug that off and art is subjective, but your characters.. there is a slice of you in them and it feels a lot more personal somehow
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    Hi Anna.. thanks for your comment .. kind of you


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