Normandy, France
Liz looked at the starry sky and prayed she’d find the camp of the British troops in time. The allied invasion had begun in the French region of Caen. If the Nazi soldiers found her, she would never go home.
An eerie silence surrounded her. However, she knew the enemy patrol was near. They would arrest anyone involved in the invasion. Riding Arnaud’s old bicycle down the dirt road, a breath caught in her throat. The calm June night didn’t bring her any comfort or joy, every little noise brought her uneasiness.
Quickly, Liz changed paths and rode behind some trees and bushes. Hearing shouting behind her with their frightening dogs barking incessantly, her heart hammered in her chest as she pedalled faster. “Over there,” one of the soldiers called out and came in her direction. Liz looked around her, finding a hiding place. The moonlit sky offered some light guiding her way through the thick bushes, but it did not help her from finding the perfect hiding spot.
The voices and barks grew closer and closer.
Liz covered her bicycle with a few leafy branches then huddled in a ditch, praying the soldiers wouldn’t find her. She closed her eyes, remembering Philip’s face and the last summer they had spent together with their families; so much had happened since then. Their love grew into a magical reunion of two souls, an unbreakable bond. Now she had no idea if she would ever see him again.
Glancing around again, she could hear the German soldiers and their dogs a few feet away. Her heartbeat drummed in her ears. Her whole body trembled as tears filled her eyes.
Be brave, she repeated to herself.
Closer and closer, the soldiers came to the edge of the ditch. Liz brought her legs closer to her trembling body, and closed her eyes. “Philip. Please come find me,” she whispered.

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