it is hard to separate Art and writing so I apologise in advance for the joint references. I am a cover artist and Author for Black Velvet Seductions.

art started as a hobby but I have been a full time artist for quite a few years now. I cover all kinds of topics some of which you will find on my website here It is a privilege to make a living from the thing you love to do. It really is a joy never to get that Monday morning feeling and every morning brings a new challenge. I have always made art, my mother said I was drawing very early on. I can't imagine my life without art in it. It is "What I do". Trying to get into print has been something of an obsession for me. in the 70's and 80's I wanted to be a children's illustrator but that is a notoriously hard field to get into. it is something I achieved this year with the publication of "A very Special Place to Poop" a humorous book on the subject of potty training. a joy to work on with my friend, publisher and mentor Laurie Sanders.

Erotic art is a big topic for me I am a member of the guild of erotic artists and a member of the association of erotic artists. Again I cover a lot of topics. I like to think there is a soft romantic feel to my art work. Among my clients there is a high proportion of ladies, which makes me feel like I am walking the nice side of the street.

cover art, I was reading the BVS spotlight posts on Saturday, it was interesting to read the comments on art there. I have been doing covers in various places for a number of years. The thing I love about BVS is the democratic approach they have to the covers, they like the input of the writers so the covers are a real collaboration. I really do value the thoughts of readers and indeed authors, on what attracts you to covers.. Is it the colour? the subject? A lady mentioned headless torsos being a turn off something I will remember always. You can see some of my covers here and you can see some of my other art here

Feel free to ask any questions I will be here most of the day waiting to see your posts


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