I started out wanting to write children's books, but that was not a thing that worked at the time, I have gone on to illustrate a couple "Zap" and my own "A very Special Place to Poop" a humorous book on the subject of potty training. a joy to work on with my friend, publisher and mentor Laurie Sanders.

in the 90's I switched to the erotic both in art and in writing. my early attempts were pretty dyer and it was joining with BVS, as a cover artist that gave me my first break. My first job with BVS was the cover for Robert Clouds book "Toy's Story". I feel very nostalgic about this cover, it was not only my first with BVS, but more than that it brings back memories of working with Robert Cloud, a lovely and talented man, who we sadly lost earlier this year to cancer. I will miss my friend he was very supportive and great fun to work with. It was in a meeting with the BVS Authors the topic came up for a supernatural anthology which became "The Crimson Z". in the meeting I felt I might be able to contribute more than just the cover. My first story to go into print was the "The Anniversary", from the "The Crimson Z". The story was written at what was a difficult time for me.. It was written in the shadow of my father's terminal illness and a lot of my own angst went into the story, sadly he never got to see me in print.

my second story was "The Key" a little romantic vignette written as a contribution for Valentines Day it was published along with my next story "Temporally Yours" was originally going to be a story in the second Crimson Z anthology but BVS decided to publish separately. The story comes from my own feeling that there is never enough time and wouldn't it be great if you could pause time and live in the gaps. "Temporally Yours" was a very satisfying story to write and you can find excerpts on the BVS website.. I think it is a good read.. I hope you will agree

My 4th story, "In the Driving Seat" originally it was going to be a real short about 2000 words.. At its longest it got up to 15,000 but we distilled it down to about 8,500. Laurie, as an editor, encourages us to write what we want, not constricting us to the word count. She also insists a deep point of view from our characters, which tends to lengthen our work. I see developing the depth of character as an extremely positive thing. I believe it brings the reader right into the story.. This story will be coming out as a part of a domestic discipline story hopefully later this year.

Future work, well I am working on a story called "The Trainer" the character is a kind of marriage guidance counsellor for those into domination and submission. is a tale of strife and love conquering adversity. another book that is in the process of being edited at the moment is a non fiction book on the subject of beauty called "Beauty in Every Form" it contains around fifty contributors sharing there own personal feelings and experiences of beauty. The book is funny, moving, poignant and contains some beautiful photography and artwork.

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