What an active little sub-forum! Isnít gardening great?
Let me introduce myself gardener styleÖIím a zone four!

As Iím a fan of all plants, whether perennial or annual, I figured Iíd focus on little tips and tricks Iíve learned over the yearsÖ

Anyone have a Hibiscus? I now count five amongst my collection. Wow, do they grow fast. I thought when I planted mine two years ago itíd be quite awhile before they reached maturity. I was wrong. While I know theyíre not fully grown─let me tell you─theyíre huge! Frankly, I was a little surprised at how much space they took up in my garden. They have a way ofÖflaring out. So hereís what I learned. You can loosely braid the stems together! In fact, over the years those stems will turn into a singular braided stem. So this gives you the freedom to choose the design of the plant. In my case, I wanted the flowering ground plants to be more visible so I focused on the bottom of the Hibiscus. Iíve kind of shaped them into teardrops. Now theyíre elegant and donít overcrowd!

Anyone plant Cannis? I just love their tropical looks and bright flowers. The summer-long blooming part isnít bad either. The downfall? Here in New England the ground freezes during the winter. That means the bulbs need to come up and be stored for the winter. So this is a bit of a Ďwhat NOT to do with themí tip. DONíT hang them in nylons in your basement! Yep, you heard me right. This was the advice going around for awhile. Mine totally rotted! The best way to store the bulbs? Prepare a container with sand, shavings, peat moss or even non-dissolving foam peanuts, which will provide a dry environment for the bulbs and allow for air circulation. Pack the bulbs as you would plant them, stem on top and roots on the bottom. To prevent rot, do not allow the bulbs to touch. Provide loose cover with your chosen packing medium.

Anyone plant Roses? Oh, Iím sure many of you do! I see a few topics about them here already. So if this tips been given, forgive the repetition. Now, Iím not sure if thereís any truth to this or not, but I did try it a few years back and Iíd swear my rose bushes can be easily viewed by a satellite (Without zooming in!). Iím going to bring up the word Ďnyloní again. How many of you have used them to tie back your roses? Not a bad little trick, eh? Well, not sure if youíve heard this but apparently nylons will (for lack of a better word) soak up some of the electrical charge during a lightning storm and give added energy to your rose bushes. Again, Iím not entirely sure this is true BUT the year I did this we had a stormy summer and my bushes more than doubled in size!

All right, I must be off. Hope you found this post interesting! Any questions, or maybe a rebuff to one of my tips, please share. In my garden, itís always about learning and growing!

Best Regards,