I hearted my Sony 505 reader -- so very much. I didn't mind spending the extra on it, because of the non-plasic, sturdy casing and organizing features. But after just over two years, it died a death on me. A new battery fixed that for me. And then it got another problem six months later... the screen went crazy on me. Since replacing the screens are more expensive than the readers themselves, I opted on a new reader. I no longer saw the extra expensive of the Sony worthy, since mine didn't last very long for the price. I went with a Nook instead, which although is cheaper looking, it was also a lot cheaper in price. This way, when it dies in two years, I won't be as upset LOL BUt... I will say this, had my Sony 505 lived on, I would have stayed with it forever because I LOVED it so very much. So sad, to love an inanimate object. But I did. hehe Oh, and in case you're wondering... the Nook did fill the 505 void! It is a fantastic little reader