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    Today, I'm heading to Brooklyn to meet a twitter buddy for lunch at a place called the Bedouin Tent. This is a Middle Eastern restaurant that serves things like lambajin and harira, and a delish dessert called basbousa. And apparently, the place is renowned for its pita, which is cooked on the premises.

    First of all, I love Middle Eastern food. Secondly, I can have a taste-tantalizing meal while taking notes for my next book. Genies, as you know, originate in the Middle East and I often send my characters there to engage, vanquish, pursue, or just join the jinn in a meal.

    I'm hoping the restaurant serves a dish called kubbat maraq. I had to use my imagination when I included the dish in this passage:
    Bethany picked up a golf-ball-sized morsel, yellow with turmeric, and bit into it. Savory heat from pepper and cumin spread through her mouth, stimulating her salivary glands. A flavor of lime tickled the sides of her tongue. Fried, ground lamb at the center, heavy with the aroma of onion and parsley, melted beneath the thick grains of rice. Bethany devoured the ball in two bites.

    Eager to see how close I am in the description...

    Anybody ever try Middle Eastern food? How'd you like it?>>
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